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"Thanks Guys .... Great Price ... Wheel looks real good. I'm very pleased with our transaction.

If I need a wheel in the future you'll be my first choice!"

John C. - 11/14/2012

Privacy and Your Personal Information

What types of collected information is stored?

WheelsandCaps.com is a retail-based website, which means some collection and storage of your personal information is required. Your name, contact and billing information, as well as information regarding your purchase transaction and credit card (credit card information is neither kept nor stored – it is only transmitted during the transaction). Your purchasing habits may be stored to be used for our information only. This is an opt-in service that is done when you create your account with WheelsandCaps.com. The account information that is stored could include demographics and vehicle data.

How do we use your information?

The information you provide us is used to help you complete your transaction. We also use it to communicate and update you on services and benefits, and to even help us better our website for your use. Please keep in mind that credit card numbers are not retained beyond the transaction and are used only for the processing of your order and payment.

We will not share your personal information.

Your personal information is not sold, rented or leased by WheelsandCaps.com to any corporation, entity or individual.

Google AdWords Campaigns and Google Analytics

We run Google AdWords campaigns using the Google Analytics cookie for online advertisements including Product Listing Ads, PPC ads and Remarketing Campaigns.

Our advertising campaigns do NOT collect personally identifiable information (PII) such as email addresses, telephone numbers, and credit card numbers. As to credit card information, we only retain it until the order is processed.

  • We do NOT associate personally identifiable information with remarketing lists, cookies, data feeds, or other anonymous identifiers.
  • We do NOT use or associate targeting information, such as demographics or location, with any personally identifiable information collected from the ad or its landing page.
  • We do NOT share any personally identifiable information with Google through your remarketing tag or any product data feeds which might be associated with your ads.
  • We do NOT use any sensitive information about you, whether we collected it directly or associated it with a visitor, based on the visitor's profile or behavior on your site or app.

Sharing of data in your re-marketing lists

We do not share our Google remarketing lists with anyone.

Opt out of re-marketing campaigns or Google Analytics

You can opt out of Google Analytics and any remarketing campaigns by going to this page Google Tools or this page: Google Support.

Cookies Statement

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