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Chrome Gas Door Cover

Upgrade your vehicle easily with a chrome gas door cover

The industry leader in chrome accessories, Wheels and Caps can help give your car, truck or SUV a nice, upgraded look with the simple addition of a chrome gas door cover. Attaching easily to your vehicle, chrome gas door covers are an inexpensive way to upgrade without the expense of sending parts out to be chromed.

Benefits of chrome gas door covers from Wheels and Caps:

  • High quality, low price with triple chrome-plated plastic parts.
  • No downtime – in stock parts ready to ship directly to your door.
  • Accessories apply easily – upgrade your vehicle in the comfort of your own garage!
  • Parts are priced less than dealer pricing.

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Become your own upgrade master

By being able to add your own chrome upgrades, such as chrome gas door covers, you become your own upgrade master. With the simple pull of the 3M strip, your upgrade parts stick firmly to the car, truck or SUV and gives your vehicle a touch of class. Your vehicle will go from blah to inspiring with the triple chrome plated plastic upgrade parts. Find chrome gas door covers and other chrome upgrade accessories in our extensive inventory of parts. In stock, ready to ship to you from our extensive inventory!

Have fun with your upgrade project with easy-to-use chrome upgrade accessories from Wheels and Caps.

Upgrade your vehicle with chrome accessories

There are many easy ways to dress up your vehicle so that it gets noticed.Chrome auto accessories are a great, inexpensive way to change the look of any vehicle quickly and easily. Chrome gas door covers are just one of many chrome auto accessories. They are easy to install and are made of triple chrome plated ABS plastic. Chrome accessories add some excitement to any car, truck or SUV.

Why Chrome Gas Door Covers

Regular gas door covers are painted to blend in with the vehicle itself, but by adding a chrome gas door cover, the car, truck or SUV will stand out a lot more. The chrome on the gas door cover is made to match any other chrome fixtures on the vehicle, or any future chrome fixtures you may decide to add. By purchasing a chrome gas door cover through Wheels and Caps, you can be assured that you are getting a top quality product, at a price you can afford. We stock chrome gas door covers along with many other chrome auto accessories you may want to install on your ride. Our Customer Service department is happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your chrome gasjavascript:void(0); door cover purchase.

Purchasing chrome gas door covers through Wheels and Caps will ensure you are getting a top quality chrome auto accessory at a price you can afford.