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John C. - 11/14/2012

Polished Stainless Steel Racing Discs

Remember back in the days of James Dean – back when cars took on the look of hot rods and dragsters? Every guy’s dream was to turn his car into a racer and drag down the street with the other guys who considered themselves to be "cool". Those days may be gone, but if you still yearn for that olden era, and are upgrading your vehicle to that "fast and dangerous" look, you can rest assured that there are parts on the marketplace today that still can give vehicles that dragster appearance. The wheels, a main focus of any vehicle, used to have a racing disk installed over the center hub, which was part of the heart of that hot rod look. Polished stainless steel racing disks are available, even now, for many types of vehicles and fit over any standard steel wheel in the correct size. Adding a hint of nostalgia and giving your vehicle a look of that period is easier than you think. Installing polished stainless steel racing disks will get you started in the right direction, and they won’t break your budget either. Wheels and Caps is your one-stop shop for polished stainless steel racing disks for your vehicle. Go ahead and create that feeling of nostalgia. Order your polished stainless steel racing disks today!

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    Do you long for the times of yesterday? Back when ordinary cars were "upgraded" to look like hot rods and dragsters? Sometimes you wonder if parts that were available back then are available now. Wheels back then looked so different – they had racing disks installed on them to give them that fast and dangerous look. If that is the look you are turning back to, then you have come to the right place. Wheels and Caps carries a line of polished stainless steel racing disks that snap in over the hub of any standard steel wheel (please be sure to order the correct size). They give a vehicle that look of nostalgia and of the period when they are mounted on a vehicle. When you are looking to create a look of days gone by with your vehicle, adding polished stainless steel racing disks from Wheels and Caps is sure to complement your look.