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Chrome Trim Rings

Add shine while protecting your wheels.

Many products on the market such as wheel covers and center caps do help protect the wheel itself from weather and debris from the roads. You can also add chrome trim rings to your wheels and protect the lips of the wheels from corrosion as well. Chrome trim rings are another great enhancement from Wheels and Caps that not only protect, but also help make your vehicle stand out!

Chrome Trim Rings from Wheels and Caps:

  • Chrome trim rings offer a layer of protection to the lip of your wheel.
  • Cost effective – they cost less than dealer product, and save you from having to get a new wheel.
  • Look good, fit good. They match other chrome enhancements, and are rugged and durable, fitting your wheel perfectly.

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Add shine while protecting your wheels

Chrome trim rings are made of triple chrome plated ABS plastic and are a great way to not only add some extra class to your wheels, but to also help provide a little more protection to your wheels from the elements. Chrome trim rings are designed to enhance the look of other chrome or polished features you may already have on your vehicle! With three types to choose from – standard, deep dish or flat – you are certain to find the trim ring to suit your needs.

Install chrome trim rings from Wheels and Caps and protect and enhance the look of your vehicle for far less!

Why chrome trim rings?

Grime from the road, scratches, scrapes, rust and more can bring down the appearance of your vehicle and make it look worse than it really might be. The auto industry has created a way to dress up wheels and also help cover up the scratches, bumps and dings that may be plaguing the rims – by installing a chrome trim ring over the lip edge of the wheel. Made of triple chrome plated ABS plastic, chrome trim rings are a wonderful way to not only help add some protection to the rims, but to also add a much classier look to plain, ordinary wheels. Chrome trim rings are designed to perfectly match the look of other chrome or polished fixtures that may already be on the vehicle.