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Chrome Wheel Skins

Chrome Wheel Skins Give Your Wheels Instant Shine and Class

Chrome wheel skins are literally an instant upgrade for the wheels of your car, truck or SUV. Chrome wheel skins pop on to the face of your steel or aluminum wheels and give them instant chrome appeal. Wheels and Caps carries a wide array of chrome wheel skins to choose from at affordable prices.

Why consider chrome wheel skins from Wheels and Caps?

  • You don't have to take off the wheel to apply wheel skins. They easily snap onto your wheels, adding curb appeal and “instant” upgrade.
  • Cost is less than purchasing new chrome wheels! Four wheel skins can cost about the same as purchasing a single OEM wheel cover.
  • Triple chrome plated ABS plastic is durable and long-lasting.
  • Wide-ranging inventory to choose from with selections for most makes and models.

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Add value without spending a lot of money

Making a transition to chrome doesn’t have to be expensive. Chrome wheel skins cost significantly less than a new, chrome wheel. Chrome wheel skins pop easily over the face of your wheel and give it a polished, sleek look. They also blend well with other chrome or polish accessories on your car, truck or SUV. Wheels and Caps carries a wide variety of chrome accessory upgrades for your vehicle.

Make your older model vehicle shine

Many people are keeping their cars longer. Adding wheels skins can take an old car and give it new life and shine. Adding chrome accessories can subtract years from the look of your vehicle and make it look sharp without the high cost of purchasing chromed wheels or even a new car.

Dress up a basic model vehicle

Your basic model vehicle doesn't have to look dull. By adding chrome accessories, you can turn your basic vehicle into a car or truck that turns heads. Chrome wheel skins, in particular, add a look of luxury and sportiness to a basic model vehicle at a low price. Have the look of chromed wheels without the chromed wheels cost.

When Purchasing Wheel Skins

Wheel skins are wheel specific. They only adhere to the correct wheel. When purchasing wheel skins, be sure that you select wheel skins that will fit your wheels. If you have any questions about whether a wheel skin will fit the wheels on your vehicle, call our customer service and they will be happy to assist you.

Firm Hold to your Wheels

Wheel skins pop onto your wheels and have a firm hold. They fit snugly against your wheel reducing the chance that it will come off at high speeds or when driving over rough terrains.

Imposter Wheel Skins

One of our best selling brands of wheel skins is the Imposter. It is aptly named because it is difficult to tell whether it is a chromed wheel or an Imposter wheel skin. Imposter comes in a wide variety of designs and styles to match your vehicle and your personality. Instead of costly chromed wheels, Imposter wheel skins look like chromed wheels without the high price tag.

Chromed Wheels

Sending your wheels out to be chromed is expensive and time-consuming. You have to remove the wheels from your vehicle, remove the tire and then, usually, ship the wheels. Meanwhile your vehicle is up on jacks waiting for the return of your wheels. Wheel skins give you almost the same look as chromed without the high price and the long wait. You can apply wheel skins in minutes in the privacy of your own garage or driveway saving you time and money.

Go Green with Wheel Skins

Re-chroming wheels is not only expensive but the chemicals released when the current chrome is removed can cause damage to the environment. Many wheels sent to be re-chromed are actually re-chromed in Mexico because the environmental regulations are not as strict there. Wheel skins have little or no impact on the environment when applied or removed. Reduce your environmental “tire print” while retaining the sleek, sporty look of chromed wheels.

Wheel Skins for Year Round Shine

Wheel skins make your plain, everyday wheels have a chrome finish. They truly make a non-chrome wheel look chrome. Only a trained eye can tell the difference. Surprise your spouse, your children and friends with the new chrome look of your wheels. During the winter months where it often snows and the roads are icy and slippery, it is common practice to have an extra set of wheels and snow tires. Not only it is recommended that you remove your chromed wheels and use steel wheels with snow tires, it’s much safer. Because they salt the roads to melt the snow and salt will ruin the finish on most expensive wheels. The salt gets behind the chrome causing it to flake and sometimes peel and rust. Wheel skins, because they are made of durable ABS plastic, are generally not impacted by the salt and keep their shine year round. Wheel skins can be applied to styled steel wheels or alloy wheels making them perfect for both wintery and tropical locations. It’s an inexpensive way to avoid corrosion on your expensive set of wheels and not sacrifice the looks. Use the Chrome wheel skins today.

Save time and money over purchasing chrome wheels for your vehicle – add chrome wheel skins instead!