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John C. - 11/14/2012

Polished Stainless Steel Pillar Post Covers

Adding polished stainless steel pillar post covers are an easy way to add shine to your ride

Of all the many obvious places on a car, truck or SUV that can be easily upgraded, it is easy to overlook the not-so-obvious spots like the pillar posts. The pillar posts are the vertical supports near the window area on an auto that, when dressed up, can really create some eye-catching appeal. You could pay someone a lot of money to add chrome or polished fixtures or you can get easy-to-install accessories for a fraction of the cost of dealer pricing.

Benefits of buying polished stainless steel pillar post covers from Wheels and Caps:

  • Creates a great, sophisticated or fun look to your vehicle.
  • Wheel and Caps is a trusted name in the auto industry for chrome and polished steel upgrade accessories.
  • Easy to apply; no special equipment or tools.
  • Guaranteed fit.

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Enhance the look of other chrome or polished upgrades

If you already have added chrome or polished steel accessories to your vehicle, such as the polished stainless steel pillar post covers, other upgrades can enhance those accessories. Made of high polished stainless steel, pillar post covers have a nice, beveled edge and a 3M strip used to apply them easily to your car, truck or SUV. You won’t need to take your vehicle to a shop to have them apply your pillar post covers saving you time and money on your project!

High quality polished stainless steel pillar post covers at low prices. Shop Wheels and Caps for your chrome and polished stainless steel needs.

Why Add Polished Stainless Steel Pillar Post Covers?

Have you have spent a lot of time transforming the look of your car, truck or SUV by adding easy-to-apply chrome or polished fixtures only to stand back from the vehicle to admire it, and think that something was missing? A lot of people fail to consider the possibilities of adding chrome or polished fixtures to the pillars of the doors.

Finish off the look of your project by adding polished stainless steel pillar post covers. They are stamped, high-polish stainless steel which enhances other chrome or polished auto fixtures that may be already applied to the vehicle. They have beveled edges to give them a nice, smoothed finish. Easy to install, they are a do–it-yourselfer’s dream. Simply pull the 3M strip and apply to the door of the car, truck or SUV.

The best part of installing polished stainless steel pillar post covers:  they come competitively priced. No reason to break the bank when you want to change the way your car, truck or SUV looks as it is going down the road. Turn heads by adding chrome and polished upgrades from Wheels and Caps.