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John C. - 11/14/2012

Audi Factory OEM Steel Wheels

Low priced, Audi replacement steel wheels

We specialize in replacement Audi steel wheels, and carry quite an extensive inventory from which to choose - including some hard to find steel wheels. We stock Audi reconditioned OEM steel wheels, replica steel wheels and used OEM steel wheels all at low prices.

Benefits of OEM steel wheels, replica steel wheels and used steel wheels:

  • Less expensive than Audi aluminum alloy wheels. Save even more with used OEM steel wheels.
  • Not as porous as aluminum alloy rims, which means less chance to leak air.
  • Significantly stronger than Audi aluminum alloy wheels and more durable.
  • Car steel wheels and truck steel wheels are long lasting and durable.

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Audi Factory OEM Steel Wheels

How do you know if you have factory OEM steel wheels on your Audi? Factory OEM steel wheels are the wheels that originally came on the Audi when it rolled off the assembly line, and were designed specifically for that particular vehicle. Replacing factory with replacement factory wheels ensures you are driving on the right-sized wheels for your specific Audi. This helps ensure the safety of your Audi as it is going down the road.

Audi Steel Wheels Inventory

Wheels and Caps has an extensive inventory and wide selection of OEM steel wheels for many makes including Audi. Not only do we stock newer model OE steel wheels, but we carry many older model steel wheels as well. We have replacement steel wheels for vehicle makes and models from over 20 years ago. Because we buy our wheels in large quantities at a discount, you will see significant savings over purchasing new from the dealer reflected in our pricing.

We also carry replica steel wheels for your Audi. Audi replica steel wheels are new wheels that look like factory wheels except without the manufacturer’s logo or markings.

Another option for steel wheel replacement is to purchase used steel wheels for your Audi. Used steel wheels are factory wheels, usually dealership take-offs, that are low mileage, in almost new condition and at a substantially lower price than new Audi steel wheels or even reconditioned Audi steel wheels.

Car Steel Wheels

Cars are much more lightweight than trucks. One major benefit of having steel wheels on Audi cars is that they add more weight to your Audi, which is recommended when living in an area that experiences inclement weather. Car steel wheels help keep the Audi more grounded as it drives through snow, slush and even rain.

Steel wheels are a great benefit to the pocketbook, too. Steel wheels run considerably cheaper than aluminum rims, often with savings of hundreds of dollars. For those who like the look of aluminum but not the price tag, you can easily find many types of wheel covers to go over the face of the steel wheels, giving them the appearance of aluminum but for far less.

Long-lasting, Strong Audi Steel Wheels

Audi steel wheels are durable and long lasting. They are less porous than aluminum wheels, which makes them less prone to leaking. Steel wheels have also played an important role in the formation of our automotive history. So much so a rock band and an album were named after them! Cost-effective, sturdy, durable, and long-lasting, high-quality replacement steel wheels are a great option for your Audi.

Customer Support / Warranty

Audi steel wheels, including factory OEM steel wheels, replica steel wheels and used steel wheels, from Wheels and Caps come with a very limited warranty and it is on the trueness of the wheel only. We guarantee that you will receive a straight and true Audi wheel. If for some reason it is not when you receive it, we will replace it. Our knowledgeable Customer Support group can help answer any questions you may have about your Audi wheels whether on fitment, replacement or warranty. To contact someone in Customer Support, please address your question or concern through our website. They will receive your information and contact you back. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. EST. If we receive your question after 5 p.m., it will be answered on the next business day. You can also check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to see if we may have already addressed your concern.