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John C. - 11/14/2012

2007 Ford F-250 OEM Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Large selection of replacement OEM aluminum alloy wheels at low prices

Replace damaged or worn OEM aluminum alloy wheels or upgrade the look of your 2007 Ford F-250 at a fraction of the cost of buying new factory OEM wheels. Our Ford OEM wheels are available in many finishes, including painted, machined, flange cut, polished or chrome. See a description of the each wheel finish type.

Benefits of replacement OEM aluminum alloy wheels for your 2007 Ford F-250:

  • Save up to 50% compared to dealer costs with replacement Ford OEM alloy wheels.
  • Factory alloy wheels are reconditioned to look like new and match the OEM appearance of your F-250.
  • An OEM replacement wheel is an excellent choice for a single wheel replacement on your Ford F-250 as it will match the other wheels on your F-250.
  • With over 200 warehouses located throughout the U.S., we ship from the warehouse closest to you that has your Ford F-250 OEM wheels in stock saving you time and money.

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OEM Aluminum Alloy Wheels for your 2007 Ford F-250

We stock a large selection of replacement Ford OEM aluminum alloy wheels. With OEM aluminum alloy wheels available for most Ford models, find alloy wheels to fit your Ford F-250 from our extensive inventory. Save up to 50% over dealer cost while investing in the look and longevity of your F-250’s wheels.

Our reconditioned OEM Ford wheels look like new. We stand behind every Ford OEM wheel we sell with a limited lifetime warranty that is one of the best in the automotive industry. (Used Ford wheels are covered by a different warranty. Contact Customer Support for information about warranties on used Ford wheels.)

What is an OEM Alloy Wheel

OEM alloy wheels, also known as factory alloy wheels or stock wheels, are wheels that come on a new vehicle from the vehicle manufacturer, such as Ford. OEM means “Original Equipment Manufacturer” and refers to wheels that come from Ford. When you take your Ford F-250 into a dealership to be repaired, most of the time your Ford will be repaired with OEM parts.

Our OEM Ford aluminum alloy wheels have been inspected, stripped down and remanufactured back to their original appearance. The remanufactured Ford OEM alloy wheels have the same look as a brand new Ford factory OEM wheel and are much less expensive.

Determine What 2007 Ford F-250 Wheel and/or Finish You Have

To determine what wheel that comes stock on your 2007 Ford F-250, call the Ford dealership close to you with your F-250’s VIN number. Ask the dealer for the factory OE part number for the wheel that comes stock on your 2007 Ford F-250.

Alloy wheels come in many finishes, such as chrome, polish, machined, flange cut or painted. If you are trying to find a wheel that matches your Ford’s finish, again you will need to contact the Ford dealership with your VIN number and ask for the paint code or reference number associated with your Ford F-250’s finish. Any Ford dealership can help you get your wheel and paint / finish information so if you are not getting the information you need from one dealer, try calling a different Ford dealer.

Once you have that information call Customer Support at (866) 654-7467 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and they will be happy to help you determine which wheel and finish will match your Ford’s wheels. Even if you are unable to get your wheel or finish information from the Ford dealer, call Customer Support. They may be able to help you determine how to find the correct replacement wheel for your F-250.

Aluminum alloy is what your Ford wheel is made of. It is not the finish. OEM alloy wheels are made of an aluminum alloy. Each alloy wheel comes with a finish, such as chrome, painted, flange cut, machined or polish. This is the reason why you need to get from the dealer both the factory OE part number of your Ford wheel and also the finish of your Ford wheel to ensure that you order the correct wheel that matches the wheels on your 2007 Ford F-250.

Customer Support

We encourage you to call Customer Support if you have questions about our products for your 2007 Ford F-250. Our Customer Service team has comprehensive knowledge of Ford F-250 wheels and accessories and will help ensure you get the right wheel for your F-250 with the correct finish. Email Customer Support at any time if you have any questions with fitment, style, availability, finish, condition, shipping, or any other question about our products for your F-250, such as factory wheels, hubcaps and chrome accessories for your Ford. Call us at (866) 654-7467 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time if you would like to speak with Customer Support.

Ordering Ford F-250 Wheels and Accessories

It’s easy to order Ford OEM alloy wheels from Wheels and Caps. You can place your Ford OEM wheel order online, by phone or via email. We ship most orders within one business day. See our Shipping / Time to Delivery information for questions about delivery time. If you experience any problems with placing an online order, please call our Customer Support team and they will be happy to assist you.

Shipping / Time to Delivery

All in stock items usually ship the next business day after receiving your Ford wheel order. Orders received before 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time for in stock items usually ship the same business day. Some Ford F-250 wheels require additional processing that can take up to an additional two business days prior to shipment. If you have concerns as to when you will receive your order, please contact Customer Support at (866) 654-7467 or email Customer Support and they will be happy to let you know when your order is scheduled to be delivered.