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American Motors OEM Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Large selection of American Motors aluminum wheels at low prices

We have one of the largest selections of aluminum wheels and rims available within the U.S. for American Motors vehicles, with over 200 warehouses located throughout the country. Replace damaged or worn American Motors aluminum wheels with aftermarket replicas or reconditioned OEM aluminum rims at low prices. Select your replacement American Motors factory aluminum wheels and rims from our extensive inventory. Upgrade the look of your American Motors with reconditioned OEM or used aluminum wheels at a substantially lower price than new wheels.

Aluminum wheels and rims for your American Motors:

  • Save up to 50% on American Motors aluminum wheels compared to dealer prices.
  • Large selection of American Motors factory OEM aluminum wheels, replica wheels and used wheels.
  • Get replacement wheels, particularly for hard to find American Motors aluminum wheels.

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Replacement American Motors Aluminum Wheels

Our American Motors aluminum wheels are replacement reconditioned wheels, replica wheels or used wheels. Reconditioned alloy wheels are wheels that have been stripped, repaired and repainted back to like new condition using stringent OE specifications and paint processes. It is difficult to tell the difference between the American Motors reconditioned wheel and a new one in a side-by-side test. Replica wheels are brand new wheels that have been made to look like the OE versions of your American Motors. They will not have OE stampings on them but are built and painted to American Motors OE specifications. Our used wheels are rims that have very low mileage on them. They are usually wheels from dealerships where the customer swapped out the American Motors factory wheels for higher-priced, fancier rims.

American Motors Aluminum Wheels vs. Alloy Wheels

Alloy is just a shorter word and used as an alternative for aluminum wheels. Aluminum rims or wheels, alloy wheels and aluminum alloy wheels are all different names for the same wheels. Aluminum or alloy is what the wheels are made of and is not a wheel finish. One of the advantages of aluminum wheels for your American Motors is that they are usually lighter than steel wheels and handle better on the road. Aluminum wheels will allow your American Motors to accelerate faster and stop quicker, and have greater heat conduction.

Aluminum Wheel Finishes

Our American Motors aluminum wheels are available in many finishes. One wheel finish option is chrome which has a mirror-like appearance and can add a unique look to your American Motors. Other finishes for your American Motors could include full face painted, which means the entire face of the wheel is painted with OE specific paint processes. Flange cut, which looks like full face painted except the outer lip or flange is machined. Machined wheels will have paint down in-between the spokes or in the pockets, and the face of the wheel will be machined. Polished is a look that is similar to chrome except the mirror-look will be distorted. PVD has a chrome look but is painted and more durable than chrome. Hyper is also a painted process but has a deeper, richer, looking finish than a regular painted wheel. See a description of the types of wheel finishes for your American Motors.

Replace your American Motors ’s Donut Spare

Replacement aluminum wheels are a good way to replace the donut spare carried in your American Motors’s trunk. Replacing your American Motors’s donut with a full-sized OEM aluminum alloy wheel reduces the hassle associated with having a flat tire. A donut usually has limited mileage while a full-sized American Motors wheel is usually only limited by the tread on the tire. This allows you more flexibility in getting your American Motors’s flat fixed.

We carry a large selection of replacement aluminum wheels for your American Motors.

Customer Support

Our Customer Service team has comprehensive knowledge of aluminum wheels and accessories for your American Motors. To ensure that you order the correct wheel for your American Motors, call us at (866) 654-7467 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and we will be able to help answer any questions you may have regarding fitment, style, availability, shipping or other questions.