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John C. - 11/14/2012

OEM Aluminum Alloy Wheels

One of the largest selections of factory replacement aluminum wheels in the U.S. with warehouses throughout the country

Harsh weather, poor road conditions, and curb scrapes can quickly deteriorate the look of the wheels on a car, truck, or SUV. Replace them with high-quality aluminum alloy wheels from Wheels and Caps. With thousands of alloy wheels in stock and ready to ship, you will find the wheels you need for your vehicle. We can help you upgrade your car at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Benefits of factory replacement aluminum wheels from Wheels and Caps:

  • Reconditioned to look like new
  • Maintain the original look and feel of your vehicle
  • Save money compared to dealer costs
  • Great choice for single wheel replacement to match your factory wheels
  • All replacement wheels include one of the best warranties in the automotive marketplace. See warranty for details.

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Upgrade your vehicle's look with aluminum alloy wheels

Factory OEM aluminum wheels from Wheels and Caps are examined, stripped down, and remanufactured back to their original appearance. They have the same look as new OEM wheels but at a much lower cost. A factory OEM aluminum wheel is a great way to replace the small spare wheel in your trunk. Replacing temporary wheel with a full-sized factory OEM aluminum wheel will get you back on the road without having to immediately fix a flat tire. With factory OEM aluminum wheels available for most makes and models, you are sure to find what you need from our extensive inventory.

Wheels and Caps stocks thousands of wheels, most of them ready to ship the same day you order. Save big compared to dealer prices while investing in the life of your vehicle.

Our wheels look and perform like new. We stand behind every wheel we sell with a limited lifetime warranty that is one of the best in the automotive industry.

Aftermarket vs. OEM automotive parts

Original-equipment manufacturer (OEM) automotive parts come installed on new vehicles from the manufacturer. These parts are often only available through a dealership or salvage yard. When you take your vehicle into a dealership to be repaired, your vehicle will likely be repaired using OEM parts

Aftermarket parts are not made by your vehicle's manufacturer. Companies that make aftermarket parts provide a greater selection and variety, usually at much lower prices. Independent repair shops generally use a combination of both aftermarket and OEM parts depending on price, availability, and personal preference. Aftermarket parts companies can sometimes work out problems that exist with OEM parts. Some companies, such as NAPA, specialize in specific parts. This means greater selection and a wider range of prices.

Purchasing a new OEM part from a dealership often means you'll have to wait for a special order to arrive. Aftermarket parts are more readily available than OEM parts. Any parts store or garage is likely to carry an aftermarket part that fits your vehicle, expanding your options for servicing your vehicle. 

A number of companies make parts designed to function the same or in some cases even better than the original. This provides you a service by keeping parts priced competitively and highly available. Without aftermarket companies OEM manufacturers would have a monopoly and most parts would be priced higher.

In some cases, the vehicle manufacturer does not make all of the parts for their vehicles. Manufacturers outsource parts to multiple companies that also make aftermarket parts. For example, BBS is an OE supplier to Volkswagen, but they also the same parts under their own brand.

Aftermarket wheels

Alloy wheels are generally lighter, provide superior strength, and are sought after for their wide range of sizes and appearances. Many auto owners upgrade from stock wheels to aftermarket alloy wheels to gain better performance and handling. Because alloy wheels are lighter than steel wheels, they allow for a quicker driving response.

Aftermarket alloy wheels come in a wide assortment of styles. They can personalize a vehicle and make it truly unique. Alloy rims can give your car a sporty, luxurious, or even a muscle-car look. They can turn your average car into something that gets attention. There are a large number of designs and styles from which to choose to make your vehicle into personal statement. For the true car enthusiast, it's all about performance and handling, visual appeal, and making the vehicle an extension of your personality.

Large selection of alloy wheels

Wheels and Caps have one of the largest selections of aftermarket alloy rims in the U.S. at very low prices. Our wheels are also available in many finishes, including painted, machined, polished, and chrome. If you are looking for something truly special for your vehicle, we have it.

Shop our alloy wheels today!