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John C. - 11/14/2012

Nissan Wheel Covers & Hubcaps

Replace missing or broken wheel covers and hubcaps with replacement factory or aftermarket wheel covers, or hubcaps.

When purchasing new wheels is not an option, wheel covers and hubcaps provide a quick and easy transformation by covering wheel imperfections, or replacing missing covers and hubcaps. Wheels and Caps offers you an extensive inventory of hubcaps and covers to choose from for your car, truck, or SUV.

Wheels and caps are our specialty. We have one of the largest selections of wheel covers and hubcaps in the U.S.

  • Easiest way to cover your factory OEM steel wheels
  • Multiple designs
  • Replace existing wheel covers
  • Up to 50 percent lower in price than OEM list prices
  • One of America’s longest running and most trusted sources of wheel covers and hubcaps

Quality you can see, savings you can experience

When you install a wheel cover or hubcap from Wheels and Caps, whether it is an aftermarket or factory model, you will improve the look of your wheels and vehicle. Refreshing wheels with a new or OE product helps can increase your car's resale value and adds a touch of style. Wheels and Caps offers wheel covers and hub caps at substantial savings, up to 50 percent less than OEM list prices in many cases.

Don't put off improving the appearance of your wheels any longer. Replace your missing or broken wheel covers or hubcaps today.

What is a hubcap or wheel cover?

A hubcap or wheel cover is a cosmetic accessory that enhances the appearance of a wheel. Cars with steel wheels often use hubcaps that covers the entire wheel. Cars with alloy wheels generally use center caps, which are much smaller than hubcaps and only provide protection and enhancement to the wheel hub.

Hubcaps used to be made mostly of steel. Today, hubcaps are primarily made of ABS plastic, which is much lighter and less expensive. Steel wheels that come standard on most auto models are usually painted black. Their OEM wheel covers add a more attractive look that mimics alloy designs.

Hubcaps and wheel covers can be damaged or lost, particularly when driving on bad roads. This is an opportunity to upgrade the look of a vehicle with new hubcaps, or to simply replace one. For auto owners who want their vehicles to look like new, OEM replacement hubcaps and wheel covers with original designs and logos are a great choice.

Wheels covers and hubcaps are an easy way to personalize a vehicle. You can get the look of an alloy wheel for less. There is a large variety of aftermarket choices available, with a wide range of options. Styles include spokes and swirl patterns that extend to the outer edge of, as well as finishes that include chrome and different colors.  In many cases, unless you look closely, it’s difficult to tell the difference between a wheel cover and an alloy wheel.