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Rims, Wheel Covers, Hubcaps & Chrome Accessories for Volvo

Volvo is a luxury car with a reputation for safety and quality. Founded in 1927, the Swedish company was originally formed as a subsidiary to a ball-bearing manufacturer. Volvo means "I roll" in Latin. Making great strides into the U.S. auto market in the 1980s, Volvo has settled into a niche of high-end luxury vehicles. Their newer crossovers have won younger fans to their brand. 

Find Rims and Wheel Accessories for Your Volvo

We carry thousands of Volvo rims and wheel accessories. No matter what model of Volvo you drive, we have rims, wheel accessories and chrome and polished accessories for your Volvo. We have the ability to purchase parts in great quantities, and turn around and offer them to you at lower prices.

Rims, Hubcaps and Other Accessories

Our rims, hubcaps and other accessories can make your Volvo look good. There are two things that most people expect from their Volvos. The first is to run well and get them from point A to B. The second is for their Volvo to look good. We offer rims that not only improve the look of your Volvo, but can improve your vehicle's handling as well. We offer accessories that can improve your Volvo's appearance, such as chrome fender vents or chrome grilles. Our chrome and polished upgrade accessories are easy enough to apply yourself, and complement other chrome and polished accessories that may already be on your vehicle.

Car & Crossover Wheels for Your Volvo

Large inventories of wheels and rims for your Volvo at low prices. We have one of the largest selections of car wheels in the U.S., particularly those hard-to-find car wheels for older Volvo vehicles. Upgrade the look of your car with either replica car wheels or reconditioned factory alloy car wheels. We also carry crossover utility vehicle wheels to fit your Volvo. Replace worn or damaged Volvo crossover wheels with replica wheels or factory reconditioned wheels. Steel wheels are a great selection for your hard-working Volvo crossover. Tough and durable, steel wheels for your Volvo will last longer than alloy wheels and are great for crossovers that are more than just show.

Snow Rims

Snow rims make a wonderful alternative to aluminum rims in winter time. The harshness of winter isn't limited to battering you and nature, but it can also do a number on your aluminum rims. Road salts can cause peeling and discoloration, slick roads can make your vehicle bump into objects and scratch the rims, debris on the road can also do damage. Why not save those expensive aluminum rims and install a set of steel snow rims instead? Steel is a heavier metal than alloy, and will hold you more steadily in the snow. Plus the fact that they are able to better withstand the salts and hits that other rims take. Find snow rims for your Volvo and get geared up for winter!

Center Caps Make a Great Accessory to Most Rims

Center caps can come in a wide variety of styles and makes. Whether they're a factory center cap or an aftermarket center cap, both can make your rims look great, and offer protection to the hub area of the wheel. If you are missing a cap, or need to replace them, we stock hundreds of caps to choose from, and often offer them for up to half off dealer prices. They are an inexpensive upgrade that make your rims and Volvo look great. Replacement center caps are a great, inexpensive fix for broken or worn caps.

Customer Support

Email Customer Support at any time if you have any questions regarding fitment, condition, shipping, or any other question about our products for your Volvo or call us at (866) 654-7467 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. We welcome the conversation, and will help make sure that you receive the right parts as quickly as possible. If there is a problem, we will work with you to resolve it promptly. We are thankful for our consumers and also appreciate your feedback. We are constantly working on improving our Customer Service so you receive quality service.

To find out when to expect delivery of your order, please contact Customer Support. Information on international shipping of Volvo wheels and wheel accessories can be found on our shipping page.