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Ford Focus Used Wheels and Rims

Used Factory Alloy & Steel Wheels at Low Prices

Whether you need to replace a steel wheel or an alloy wheel on your Ford Focus, a used factory wheel is a great option to consider. Used wheels and rims are economically priced, have been put through a rigorous inspection process, and can be shipped to you very quickly as they are stocked directly to the warehouse shelves. They are often Ford Focus take-off wheels in almost new condition.

Benefits of used factory wheels and rims:

  • Costs less than a new or remanufactured Ford factory wheel.
  • Will match your current Ford Focus wheels.
  • Inspected for structural integrity and trueness.
  • Long-term solution for replacing a damaged Ford factory wheel.
  • Often are Ford Focus “take-off wheels” in almost new condition.
  • Large inventory of Ford Focus used steel wheels and Ford Focus used alloy wheels.

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Ford Factory Take-Offs

Our Ford used wheel inventory is made up of mostly take-off wheels. These are Original Equipment wheels that we purchase from car dealerships where customers purchasing a new Ford typically swap out the Ford Focus take-off wheels for a more upgraded wheel. Because Ford Focus take-offs have limited mileage on them, they are usually in like new condition. These Ford Focus wheels are considered to be OEM take-offs or factory take-off wheels because they are Original Equipment wheels. They are not reconditioned Ford wheels. Ford take-off wheels are in almost new condition and reconditioning is not necessary.

We carefully inspect and test all used Ford Focus wheels and rims prior to adding them to inventory. They are inspected to ensure structural integrity meaning no cracks or warps in the wheels, and also spun to be sure they are true and round. The used Ford Focus factory wheels that pass inspection are then stocked for resale. No cosmetic repairs are made to the used Ford Focus wheels. Therefore, the used Ford Focus factory wheels may have some very minor scratches, dings or scuffs.

Types of Used Ford Focus Wheels and Rims

Our used wheels and rims can be aluminum alloy wheels or steel wheels depending upon the make and model. They are all factory OEM wheels.

Used alloy wheels come in a variety of OEM finishes for your Ford. Since no cosmetic repairs are made to our Ford used wheels, this means the finish on the used wheel is not touched up or redone. Used wheels are OEM or factory wheels so the finishes on them will be the same as a new or reconditioned Ford rim. Finish options for the Ford used factory alloy wheels include machined, full face painted, flange cut, polished and even chrome.

Used Steel Wheels for your Ford

Used steel wheels are OEM wheels that have been taken off a Ford and swapped for upgraded rims. They are low mileage wheels that have been tested to ensure they are straight and true, then put directly on to the shelf for sale. They may have very minor scratches or blemishes, but in all respects are a good wheel. Like used aluminum wheels, used steel wheels can be purchased to use as full-sized spare wheels, replacing donut spares. Another good use for a set of used steel wheels is as a snow wheels for your Ford Focus. Save your pretty aluminum rims and install an inexpensive set of used Ford Focus steel wheels to get you through inclement weather.

Used Ford Focus Factory Alloy Wheels and Rims

A used factory wheel is a great option for replacing a worn or damaged factory alloy wheel on your Ford Focus. They have low mileage and a smaller price tag than brand new or even remanufactured Ford Focus rims. They will match your Focus factory rims and help improve the appearance of your Ford.

Used factory wheels and rims are also a good option when you wish to keep your Ford stock. Factory wheels are also known as stock wheels. Keeping your Ford “stock” can help maintain the resale value of your vehicle.

Inventory of Used Ford Factory Wheels

Used Ford Focus wheels and rims are less expensive than any of our other types of wheels. Because of high demand we may not have your Ford Focus used wheels currently in stock. However, we are continually receiving inventory so if we don’t have your Ford Focus used wheels today, we may have it available in the future.

We do not have a way to show you the particular used wheel you would be purchasing since we ship from the warehouse closest to you that has that particular used Ford wheel. Any images of wheels on the product pages are informational only and do not reflect the actual Ford wheel being sold.

Used Ford Focus Factory Wheels

We carry an extensive inventory of wheels and accessories for the Ford Focus. Your Focus used wheel order will be processed quickly and will ship within two business days after the warehouse receives the request. Our Ford used wheels are stocked in over 200 locations around the Continental United States which allows your order to be shipped from the closest available location to you.

Customer Support

Whenever you have questions about used Ford wheels, you can contact a knowledgeable Customer Support representative via the website, email or phone. Our goal is to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with their purchases.

Whenever you have questions about used wheels, you can contact a knowledgeable Customer Support representative via the website, email or phone. Our goal is to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with their purchases.