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Jeep Used Wheels and Rims

Used Jeep OEM Steel & Alloy Rims at a Low Prices

Used Jeep OEM rims can be an inexpensive and long-term solution for rim replacement on your Jeep, particularly when replacing a single rim. When your Jeep OEM alloy or steel rims begin to show signs of wear, replacing them with new Jeep OEM wheels can be very expensive. A less costly alternative to replacing your worn Jeep OEM rims with new or even reconditioned rims is to replace them with used OEM rims. We have a large selection of used alloy rims and used steel rims for Jeep vehicles at prices that are much lower than new.

Benefits of used Jeep OEM replacement rims:

  • Fraction of the cost compared to new or reconditioned Jeep rims.
  • Matches the other rims on your Jeep.
  • Our used Jeep OEM rims have low mileage.
  • Inspected for structural integrity and trueness.
  • Jeep OEM used steel rims and used alloy rims at low prices.

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Jeep OEM Rim Replacement

Used Jeep wheels are a great option for Jeep OEM rim replacement, particularly if all you need to replace is a single rim. Our used Jeep OEM rims are primarily take-offs, obtained from Jeep car dealerships. Many people who purchase a new Jeep car want different rims than the rims that came with the vehicle so we purchase those “take-offs” at a discount allowing us to sell them at low prices. The Jeep OEM take-off rims have very little mileage on them and are usually in “like new” condition.

A used Jeep OEM replacement rim is a great value because you get an almost new OEM rim at a greatly reduced price over new or reconditioned Jeep rims. It also keeps your Jeep “stock” which in many cases can help to maintain its value.

Jeep Used OEM Rims

Our used Jeep OEM rims are carefully inspected upon receipt at one of our warehouses. They are spun to determine if they are true and round. They are also inspected for structural integrity to ensure there is no warping or any cracks in the Jeep wheels. Cosmetic repairs are not made to the Jeep used rims so they may have minor dings, scratches or scuffs. Any Jeep used rims that do not pass our inspection process are not kept and are not sold as a used rim.

Since used Jeep rims are Original Equipment wheels, they will have the same finishes available that brand new or reconditioned Jeep wheels will have – polished, full face painted, machined, flange cut and even chrome. These Jeep OEM finishes are not touched up or redone on a used rim.

Difference Between Jeep Used OEM Rims and Jeep Reconditioned OEM Rims

When making a decision between a Jeep reconditioned rim and a used rim, there are several factors to consider. A Jeep reconditioned rim is a used rim, often with high miles, that has been brought into a remanufacturing facility and reconditioned. It will have been stripped down, cleaned, repaired and repainted back to Jeep original equipment specifications. It will look like a brand new Jeep wheel, and will have a moderately expensive price tag. A reconditioned rim is not always ready to ship at the time you place your order. It may be considered a “core” and will be processed once an order is placed. The remanufacturing process takes one to two business days to complete.

A used, non-reconditioned Jeep rim can save you time and money. Used rims have been inspected for structural integrity and trueness, and shelved for sale if deemed a good wheel. They will have very minor, if any, scratches or marring on the face of the wheel. When you place your order, the Jeep used rim will generally ship within one business day of receiving the order in the warehouse. This means less downtime for your Jeep. Used Jeep rims also cost less since no remanufacturing has taken place.

Replace your Donut Spare

You can utilize a used Jeep rim for more than just replacing a worn rim. It is a great alternative to the under-sized donut spare that Jeep generally includes with your Jeep vehicle. You cannot drive road speed on a donut and it is only good for a limited number of miles. A used Jeep rim is an inexpensive long-term solution and means that when you experience a flat, your replacement rim will not only be full-size and capable of driving the speed limit, but you will be able to drive on it per the tire manufacturer’s specifications.