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"Thanks Guys .... Great Price ... Wheel looks real good. I'm very pleased with our transaction.

If I need a wheel in the future you'll be my first choice!"

John C. - 11/14/2012

Used Wheels and Rims

Get high-quality, used wheels or rims at low prices.

Wheels and Caps have a large selection of used wheels or rims to easily and inexpensively replace your damaged or worn out automotive parts.

Wheels and Rims for Less

  • Almost new wheels, rims and tires sold at a substantial savings over new or dealer prices.
  • Have your spare tire ready to roll instead of a donut that can only be used for a short distance.
  • Thousands of wheels and rims in stock.
  • Quality for less.

How to find used wheels on our site

Select the make, model and year of your vehicle for wheels and your purchase options will be shown, including any used wheels or rims. Wheels and Caps offers a large selection of used rims and wheels for many makes and models. Find out if there is a used alternative of rims for your vehicle. See the warranty for used products as it is different than our standard warranty.

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Used Wheels or Rims and other Used Auto Parts

  • Less expensive than new or reconditioned wheels and rims
  • High quality used auto parts save you money, time and can extend the life of your vehicle
  • Help the environment by using recycled used wheels /rims and part
  • Many makes and models to which to choose
  • Replace your space saver spare with a real wheel
  • Can be bought to be used in snow markets where replacement set of wheels with snow tires are necessary for safety
  • One of the nation’s largest inventories

Why purchase used wheels / rims

Used wheels and rims are a great way to fix a broken rim or for use with a spare tire. They are a good investment because they are the best value for your wheels and rims dollars. Used wheels and rims in most cases are much less expensive than new and have the longevity of new wheels and rims.

Wheels and Caps finds only the highest quality used wheels and rims for a wide range of makes and models. If you have damaged your wheel, get a used rim from Wheels and Caps and get back on the road with a minimum of money and hassle.

Get your spare tire ready with a used rim

Many people only have the “donut” as a spare tire. Don’t get caught without a “ready to go” spare. Get your used rim from Wheels and Caps and know that if you have a flat tire, you can change the flat to your tire / rim and be back on the road immediately. A spare tire only takes a few minutes to change. A “donut” only takes you a few miles. Not only are you inconvenienced but you have to find a way to replace or fix that flat tire right away. Everyone has flats! Not everyone is prepared!

Used automotive parts

Getting used automotive parts can be a great way to replace damaged or worn auto parts at a fraction of the cost of new. For cost conscious consumers, used auto parts can be a way to get your vehicle back on the road at a minimum cost. Wheels and Caps offers a large selection of used rims and wheels for many makes and models.

Condition of used wheels

Wheels and Caps stocks only used wheels and rims in the best possible condition. Our usual warranty does not apply to used wheels and rims. Please see our warranty for used wheels and rims. What we can guarantee is that we have a rigorous selection process with only tires and rims in the best possible condition being selected and that the tire or rim will be of the best possible quality for a used product. However, it is a used product and could be slightly worn, have dings or other imperfections.

Not only save money but be a recycler. Buy used wheels and rims now!