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John C. - 11/14/2012

Replica Center Caps

Aftermarket center caps are a great solution to replacing OEM center caps and enhancing the look of your wheels

Road debris, scrapes, and potholes, as well as salt and sand, can give a wheel a pretty good beating, marring the surface of the wheel, including the center cap. Center caps can become broken, and fall off of a wheel. Wheels and Caps has a solution for you – replace broken center caps with new aftermarket center caps from Wheels and Caps. With one of the largest inventories in the nation, we have some of the most popular as well as some of the hard to find center caps.

There are many reasons to consider purchasing new aftermarket center cap from Wheels and Caps:

  • Replacement center caps are an ideal, inexpensive solution to replace broken, worn or missing caps.
  • Constructed from quality ABS, brushed aluminum, or polished stainless steel.
  • Designed and manufactured for both fitment and quality.

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One of the Largest Selection of Aftermarket Center Caps in the U.S.

Wheels and Caps has a large inventory of aftermarket center caps with over 150 warehouses located across the U.S. We have aftermarket center caps for most makes and models, including many hard to find caps. A cost-effective alternative to purchasing new from dealer, our aftermarket center caps are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Aftermarket caps are used to dress up the look of a wheel. They are not original equipment to the wheel and did not come factory stock on the wheels. They are a great alternative to purchasing original equipment center caps as they have a different style and look all their own.

When ordering an aftermarket center cap, it is recommended that you get all the measurements off your wheel in regards to the center cap area. This will help ensure a proper fit. Just remember – you are not replacing your center cap with an original equipment cap so take a little time to measure the wheel and cap area to ensure the proper fit. If you have questions, please contact our customer service. They are available to answer all of your questions regarding the fit and style of your center caps.

Upgrade your Wheels

Some consider an addition of an aftermarket cap to be an upgrade for their wheels! Aftermarket center caps come in a variety of styles and can add a distinctive flair to the wheels of your vehicle. Applying a center cap to your wheel is pretty simple – they normally snap securely into place and rarely fall back off. Making sure they have snapped into place correctly will ensure they stay on. Removing a center cap, however, may require removing the wheel, then popping the cap off from the back of the wheel.

Whether you are replacing one or a whole set of replacement aftermarket center caps, we help you to easily improve the look of your wheels!