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John C. - 11/14/2012

2003 Saturn Vue Factory OEM Wheel Covers & Hubcaps

Find a factory OEM wheel cover or hubcap from Wheels and Caps’ extensive inventory

If your wheel is missing a wheel cover or hubcap or it is damaged from the effects of day-to-day driving, find a replacement quickly and easily through Wheels and Caps. Wheels and Caps offers an extensive inventory of wheel covers and hubcaps fitting most makes and models.

Here’s why you should shop Wheels and Caps for factory OEM wheel covers and hubcaps:

  • Significant savings purchasing at Wheels and Caps than buying from a dealer.
  • Expansive inventory covering many makes, models and years.
  • Many styles, finishes and sizes available.

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Replace Factory OEM Wheel Covers or Hubcaps

Not only do wheels come in a wide variety of styles, designs, and finishes, but wheel covers and hubcaps do as well. And covers and caps are just as susceptible to the wear and tear of daily driving as the wheels are. So whether you are replacing worn covers and caps or adding them to your wheels for the first time, Wheels and Caps has an extensive inventory of wheel covers for both late and new model vehicles.

Factory OEM wheel covers and hubcaps are made specifically for the factory wheels. They will usually have the manufacturer’s logo or emblem on them.

Factory OE wheel covers and hubcaps come in a variety of styles, and finishes. There are chrome, polish and painted finishes available. Wheels and Caps carries such an extensive inventory of OEM wheel covers and hubcaps that you will be able to find just what you need, whether you are replacing one wheel cover or a whole set!

Find the wheel cover or hubcap you need at Wheels and Caps!

Hubcap vs. Wheel Cover

A hubcap and wheel cover are the same thing. They began as dust caps and were sometimes even referred to as grease caps, and eventually became known as hubcaps. They were designed to use over the front of a steel wheel and eventually some alloy wheels. They dress up a wheel and give it a new look, hiding imperfections underneath.