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2007 Toyota Corolla Factory OEM Steel Wheels

Large inventory of Toyota replacement steel wheels at low prices

Introduced around 1927, steel welded spoke wheels were first installed on vehicles. Advance to present day and you will find modernized steel wheels on many new vehicles as they come off the assembly lines. If you need a replacement wheel for your Toyota Corolla, we carry an extensive array of steel wheels at low prices.

With over 200 warehouses across the U.S., you can choose from a selection of replica steel wheels, reconditioned OEM steel wheels and used factory steel wheels for your Toyota Corolla.

Replacement steel wheel benefits:

  • Less expensive than Toyota Corolla alloy rims. Up to 50% less than dealer prices.
  • Can withstand punishment of daily driving, allowing for more resistance against sand, dirt and brake depletion.
  • Heavier than Toyota aluminum wheels - a benefit especially in snowy weather.
  • Great option for off-road vehicles or work trucks.
  • Select from replica steel wheels, reconditioned factory steel wheels or used OEM steel wheels for your Toyota Corolla.

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Toyota Corolla Factory Steel Wheels

Factory steel wheels are the original wheels that came on your Toyota Corolla from the manufacturer. They are original and often unique to that particular vehicle. There will be Original Equipment stampings on the back of the wheel that is coding for Toyota. We have remanufactured factory original equipment steel wheels for your Toyota Corolla, as well as for other makes and models. These wheels are tested for trueness (straight), old paint and finishes removed, straightened and sanded, if needed, then repainted back to original equipment specifications.

Toyota Corolla Used OEM Steel Wheels

“Used” replacement OEM steel wheels are also available for your Toyota Corolla. Used OEM steel wheels are factory original equipment wheels that are sold “as is”. They have not been remanufactured. They are guaranteed to be true (straight), and may have minor scuffs or scratches. Used OEM steel wheels are a good wheel and ready to be installed on your 2007 Toyota Corolla. Toyota used factory wheels are a great alternative to new as they are low mileage, are OEM wheels so you know they will fit your Toyota Corolla, and are priced substantially less than new factory wheels.

Toyota Corolla Replica Steel Wheels

Another type of steel wheel is a “replica” steel wheel. Replica steel wheels have been designed and manufactured for us because some used OEM steel wheels are difficult to find for remanufacturing. They are built and finished to the original equipment specifications of Toyota but replica wheels will not have the original equipment stampings on the back of them. If your Toyota Corolla factory steel wheel is difficult to find, a Toyota Corolla replica wheel could be the answer. Toyota Corolla replica steel wheels are new wheels. They look just like Toyota Corolla factory wheels but without Toyota logo and markings. Toyota Corolla replica wheels are also a good choice if you are looking for a new Toyota wheel that looks like a Toyota factory wheel without the high price of a Toyota factory wheel.

Replacement Steel Wheels for Toyota Corolla

Replacement Toyota factory OEM steel wheels are used to replace worn or broken OE steel wheels currently on your Toyota. Fitments, offsets and styles differ on wheels from model to model, so in that respect, selecting the original wheel to its “matching” vehicle is recommended. If are looking for a completely different set of steel wheels for your Toyota Corolla, we highly advise visiting your Toyota dealer to see what wheels will fit your particular offsets and fitments. This will ensure your new Toyota Corolla wheels will fit properly and give you the best performance.

Extensive Inventory of Toyota Corolla Steel Wheels

Wheels and Caps carries an extensive selection of Toyota Corolla steel wheels at prices substantially less than new Toyota Corolla steel wheels. With warehouses in nearly every state of the continental United States, finding a replacement steel wheel for your Toyota means less downtime, as the wheels will be shipping from the closest available warehouse, and thanks to our buying power, at prices you can afford.

While not as attractive as alloy wheels, there are ways to inexpensively dress up your Toyota steel wheels, such as adding factory or aftermarket wheel covers and hubcaps, giving them the look of an aluminum wheel. Adding a great wheel cover can make it difficult to tell the difference between alloy wheels and steel wheels.

Keeping a set of steel wheels as a spare set makes great snow wheels. And a full-sized steel wheel is an excellent way to replace the Toyota under-sized donut spare. Not to mention the savings over aluminum wheels!

When to Use Steel Wheels for your Toyota Corolla

Steel rims can be used in many different instances. Consider replacing the undersized donut spare your Toyota carries. An undersized Toyota wheel means you cannot drive a highway speed limit, you are limited to the miles you can drive, and you have become a hazard on the road to other drivers. Replacing your Toyota vehicle’s donut with a full-sized steel wheel means you will be able to drive proper road speeds, there is no limit (other than manufacturer suggested miles) to the number of miles you can drive, and you and your Toyota are now much safer to share the road with.

You can also utilize steel wheels for your 2007 Toyota Corolla in the winter time. Road salt and harsh weather can eat away an aluminum wheel’s clear coat finish. Save your aluminum alloy wheels for summer months and use steel wheels for your Toyota Corolla instead. Steel wheels are also heavier than aluminum alloy wheels, and will add some weight to help your Toyota get through snow drifts and deep slush.

If you just want long-wearing rims that can take a beating year over year, steel wheels might be right for your Toyota Corolla. While they are not as pretty as alloy wheels on your Toyota Corolla, with a great wheel cover they can look almost the same as alloy wheels and still provide you with a durable, long-lasting wheel.

Steel wheels are a great solution for truck wheels where they have to do heavy duty work. Any truck used for hauling or driving over rough terrain is a good candidate for steel wheels.

Differences between Toyota Steel Wheels and Toyota Alloy Wheels

When you compare steel wheels to alloy wheels, there is a case to be made for using either one. Aluminum alloy rims for your Toyota Corolla come in a wider variety of styles, designs and finishes than steel wheels, making them an excellent choice for those who want to “upgrade” the appearance of their Toyota Corolla. However, there are many types of wheel covers that can be used on your Toyota Corolla steel wheel that will give them the appearance of an expensive alloy wheel. Although alloy wheels can improve your Toyota’s handling, steel wheels are heavier than alloys which make them a better choice to use in winter months. One big advantage Toyota steel rims have over aluminum rims is the price. Toyota steel wheels, being easier to manufacture, have a much lower price tag than alloys. Often they are more half the cost than the cost of Toyota aluminum alloy rims.

Customer Support / Warranty

Customer Support is available to help you when you have questions about Toyota steel wheels. You can contact them through the web via email or phone. While there is no warranty on our steel wheels, if you do receive a Toyota steel wheel that is bent, we will replace the wheel. If your Toyota steel wheel is damaged during shipping, return it for a replacement or a refund.